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About New Cerebral Systems

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New Cerebral Systems is a professional consultancy and software solutions provider having experience in the software field with a rich and varied set of clientele and application solutions for medium and small scale businesses. It was established in 1991 by a core team that comprises of Engineering graduates with several years of industrial and administrative experience.

New Cerebral Systems is a complete ERP solutions provider for a large number of industries and establishments in India and abroad. The services provided are –

1. Total turnkey consultancy solutions for customers in the field of ERP and MIS ERP solutions for medium and small      businesses and include services like hardware and software consultancy, development, installation and support.

2. Data mining and business intelligence software for various industries.

3. SaaS ( Software as a Service ) solutions.

ERP solutions system is focused on providing wing-to-wing solutions across industry verticals

Business intelligence
New Cerebral Systems has specialized in providing data mining and BI solutions employing OLAP analysis....

The New Cerebral Systems has developed a wide spectrum of software solutions and products for a wide range.

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