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ERP Solutions

All the ERP solutions developed in-house can stake their claim as a feature rich software solution that has evolved over several years with feedback and suggestions from a number of clients. Thus each of them will be one of the most exhaustive solutions for that particular segment.

These solutions deal with a typical business environment catering to the needs of Sales, Stores Management, Accounting and Inventory control Divisions and thus comprises of Inventory, Sales, Purchases, Financial Accounting and Administrative modules. Developed for a predominantly client-server environment, all of them handle the front and back office operations with remarkable efficiency and speed.

In short, the applications can be described as a fully scalable and robust solution for a modern organization. With a rich feature set and real time support by the highly qualified and experienced professionals in New Cerebral Systems, each one of them is an unbeatable solution for their particular segment of application.

Thus over the years, New Cerebral Systems has developed solutions spanning business activities like Photo color labs, retail / wholesale stores, finance companies, private banks, jewelry shops, travel agencies, manufacturing concerns, hotels, plantations etc. and even for all activities connected with shipping like C&F, container freight stations and so on. We are also proud to note that we are the leading provider of cost effective solutions in the area of Color Lab Management software in Kerala.

Data Mining and Business Intelligence Solutions :

This is an application area that has continuously evolved with technology and New Cerebral systems has been in the forefront in this field assimilating and applying the latest BI techniques like OLAP cube analysis, Pivot table technology and so on so that businesses can generate their analysis information from a wide range of back end database systems like Oracle, Kerridge, MySQL, SQL server and so on.

Whatever be the back end or application area, New Cerebral Systems has the technology and capability to develop a BI solution ideally suited for that particular area.

Software consultancy and turnkey solutions

Another key service provided by New Cerebral Systems has been to provide consultancy services for various industries and suggest proactive solutions to improve their operational efficiency and productivity. This in turn results in improved business growth for the customers. Another natural off-shoot of this area has been the development of turnkey solutions with both hardware and software for different businesses.

SaaS ( Software as a Service ) solutions

New Cerebral Systems is in the process of developing Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions for their select existing clientele in order to provide them with a choice of cost effective software deployment and maintenance. SaaS is a rapidly developing area where in the software is provided as an online service. In the case of SaaS solutions, the customers login to a main server and use the necessary software stored in a web server in the cloud. Their data is stored either in the main server or even locally in their own systems. They pay only for whatever they have actually used in terms of resources and time.

ERP solutions system is focused on providing wing-to-wing solutions across industry verticals

Business intelligence
New Cerebral Systems has specialized in providing data mining and BI solutions employing OLAP analysis....

The New Cerebral Systems has developed a wide spectrum of software solutions and products for a wide range.

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